While each artist’s style should be apparent, the portfolio should be diverse in nature with different scenes, subjects, poses, and expressions. The objective is to demonstrate the artist’s skill and mastery of shooting in a variety of different settings and situations, exhibiting mastery of the specific niche of Brand Portraiture.

Brand portraiture typically involves capturing images that represent a brand’s identity, values, and personality. It goes beyond simply showcasing products and focuses on creating a visual narrative that resonates with the brand’s target audience. Your portfolio should include 25 images showcasing ONLY your skills in the area of Brand Portraiture.

Some types of photography that often fall under brand portraiture and can be included in your portfolio are:

Corporate Headshots:
Professional portraits of key individuals within a company, such as executives, founders, and team members.

Brand Lifestyle Photography:
Images that showcase the brand in real-life situations, telling a story about how the brand fits into the lives of its consumers.

Environmental Portraits:
Portraits taken in a subject’s natural environment, whether it’s their workplace, home, or another relevant setting.

Product Integration Photography:
Showcasing products in a way that reflects the brand’s style and identity, often through creative compositions.

Behind-the-Scenes Photography:
Providing a glimpse into the inner workings of the brand, including the people, processes, and culture.

Customer Testimonials:
Including photographs of satisfied customers and their positive experiences with the brand.

Team and Culture Photography:
Highlighting the company’s team, workplace culture, and collaborative environment.

Event Coverage:
Capturing moments from brand-related events, product launches, or promotional activities.

Social Media Content:
Creating visually appealing images for use on social media platforms that align with the brand’s image.

Personal Branding Photography:
For entrepreneurs or individuals building a personal brand, this includes images that convey their personality and professional identity.

Please note: ALL 25 images must include a person.

Brand portraiture aims to humanize the brand, establish an emotional connection with the audience, and communicate the brand’s unique story and values through visual elements.

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