While each artist’s style should be apparent, the portfolio should be diverse in nature with different scenes, subjects, poses, and expressions. The objective is to demonstrate the artist’s skill and mastery of shooting in a variety of different settings and situations, exhibiting mastery of the specific niche of family photography.

Each image must have completely different subjects, pose, scene, and overall feel. Each image must be of a DIFFERENT family. For example, should you submit an image of a family of four captured in the park, it will not be acceptable to submit another image with two or three members of the same family, even if the setting is entirely different.

•  At least 15 of all images should contain 3 or more subjects.

•  For the purpose of this category, a family shall be considered any combination of child / children and adult / adults of the parent / guardian relationship.

•  At least 5 images should be of siblings (2 or more related children) – any combination of ages below 18 years. There should not be adults in these images. 

•  At least 20 images MUST contain at least one adult (parent / guardian relationship).

Please note - Master Photographer Certification is for NAPCP MEMBERS ONLY. If you are not currently a member, but are interested in submitting a portfolio for Master Photographer Certification, please join us by filling out our membership application here! All sales are final. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR NAPCP MEMBERSHIP STATUS AND FOR SUBMITTING ENTRIES ACCORDING TO COMPETITION GUIDELINES.

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